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Some words from Jerry regarding his recordings and others...


"I have made 4 original recordings over the years.  Each one expresses a period of my life as a craftsman and explorer of music through the instruments I was making.  Each of my recordings features the Hammered Dulcimer.  As always you can call us directly at:  828-669-7675 or email us at:  with any questions or special requests you might have.

We are also featuring a very select collection of recordings by a few friends and colleagues we think you might enjoy. There are, literally, hundreds of recordings in this general genre being released every month.  A few are superb.  What we are trying to do here is make a "short list" ... of music we have found to be "superb" after listening to hundreds upon hundreds of offerings.  I hope we can help make your decision making and, perhaps even, exploration into musical horizons "unknown" easy, fun and rewarding.  Please comment if you "take the plunge" and try one of our suggestions."

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