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What's New

New Custom McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers!

Jerry and McSpadden have been conferring to produce these highly custom McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers for Song of the Wood. Take a look at these uniquely beautiful dulcimers!

Used Mac McKinney Hammered Dulcimers

We have two used Mac McKinney Hammered Dulcimers available for purchase.

Classic George Orthey "Dulci-Harp"

This is a rare Commemorative Edition "Dulci-Harp" built by the late George Orthey. It was made in memory of the first Autoharp recording, "The Titanic", recorded in September of 1924 by Ernest "Pop" Stoneman.

Orthey AutoHarp Right.JPG

Below are a few other Autoharps we currently have available made by Oscar Schmidt and ChromAHarp.

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