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     Somewhere along the way it happens ... we are struck.  We know it and it fills our heart with hope and joy.  It's almost as if we have awakened from a dream!  Perhaps, like the prodigal son, we are even amazed at how far we have strayed.  Heartdance (volume 2 of the trilogy) expresses that awakening.  The melodies dance through jigs and reels with fiddles, flutes, whistles and lots of dancing strings.  In the middle of the journey we cherish the wonder of truth but realize that it yearns for its counterpart: wisdom.   Jerry is happy to autograph this CD for you or someone else as a gift at no extra charge.


Tunes include:

  • Heartdance/Give Us A Drink Of Water
  • The Road To Logan
  • Willie Coleman's/Tom Morrison's/The Banshee
  • Tom's Aire (Down On Dunsmore)
  • Farrell O'Gara
  • Sean Ryan's/The Star Of Muenster
  • Julia Delaney/The Longford Tinker/The Silver Spear
  • O'Carolyn's Draught
  • Jack McCann's/The Road Home
  • Sir David Davidson Of Cantray/Meadowlark
  • The Forest Path/Monahan's Jig/Water Under The Keel


     Jerry was so excited to record this project, when, during the work his father died of cancer and his best friend Waldo was killed in a motorcycle accident 3 months later.  What he wanted to express was joy and hope, when suddenly it was shadowed with previously unknown pain and suffering.   We hope you can hear the depth in the music.

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