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JRS Hammered

Dulcimer Options

     JRS Professional Introductory and Professional Recording model Hammered Dulcimers are bespoke instruments, built to order specifically for the customer who purchases one. The rare exceptions are typically instruments we have built to experiment on in our continuing quest to improve the quality of our dulcimers. We offer many options of ways that you may customize your dulcimer to make it uniquely yours.

Customizations include:

  • Soundboard Options:

    • Quartersawn African Mahogany or Sapele

    • Quartersawn Sitka Spruce

    • Variable Gradient Density© Soundboard (+$375-$650; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

  • Staining Options:

    • Custom Stained Soundboard (+$200)

    • Custom Stained Back (+$200)

  • Edge Binding

    • Solid Curly Maple (+$155)

    • Laminated Edge Binding (+$195; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

    • Add Abalone Along Edge Binding (+$350 above the cost of the Edge Binding)

  • Internal Sealant (+$100; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

  • Premium Polished Finish (+$925; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

  • Corner Scroll Options:

    • Standard Corner Scrolls

    • Filigree Corner Scrolls (+$100)

    • Animal Filigree Corner Scrolls (+$150)

    • Custom Designs (+$100 per hour)

  • Soundhole Rosette Options:

    • JRS Double Rosettes

    • Celtic Knot Rosettes

    • Compass Rosettes

    • Navigator Rosettes

    • Explorer Rosettes

    • Custom Designs (+$100 per hour)

    • Add Abalone Rings to Rosettes (+$250 per pair)

  • Bridge Position Markers

    • Curly Maple with Purpleheart

    • Curly Maple with Abalone Inlays (+$175-$225)

  • Bridge Wood

    • Walnut Bridges

    • Bolivian Rosewood (+$110-$170; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

    • Katalox (+$125-$185; +$15 for Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

  • Dampers

    • Internal Prep for Cable-Drive Linear Bearing Dampers (+$150; included on Concertmaster & Grande Concertmaster Models)

    • Cable-Drive Linear Bearing Damper System (+$1580-$1595)

    • Economy Dampers (+$1080-$1095)

  • JRS/Schatten Dual-Piezo Internal Stereo Pick-Up System (+$395)

Soundboard Options

Quartersawn African Mahogany or Sapele:

Our Sapele is beautifully Quartersawn and imported by someone I've dealt with for the last 35 years. It provides the “warmest” tone of any of the options we afford you.

Quartersawn Sitka Spruce:

Our Pacific Northwest American Sitka Spruce is “finely” Quartersawn. This choice starts out “brighter” than our Sapele but warms wonderfully over the years. This is America's choice over German Silver Spruce.

Variable Gradient Density© Soundboard:

This Option is a revelation given to me over 20 years ago that combines elements of both of the above options in ONE soundboard. After we custom laminate the two soundboards ... we then taper both sides to effectuate both high-end brilliance and clarity as well as low-end depth and warmth. An added benefit of the VGD option is that it can eliminate “hot-spots.”

The VGD soundboard can be made with either Sapele or Spruce on top with minimal effect on the tone, so you can choose the look you prefer.

The VGD upgrade cost varies depending on the model:

JRS Explorer: $650

JRS Navigator: $460

JRS Compass: $375

Custom Stains

We can custom stain a full palette of stain options to the pleasure of the customer.

Custom Stains are available for both the soundboard and back of your dulcimer. Please note that while we can do our best to match a color on a previous instrument there will be variations due to different species of wood, or even different pieces of the same type of wood. Matching pictures can also suffer from calibration differences in different screens.

Custom Staining is $200 for either the top or back, $400 for both.

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