Perelandra is “rising” from the ashes.


Ending my “in person” Concert Series here at my home and recording studio was a very difficult and emotionally sad change of direction for me personally … and Song of the Wood in general.  I find it so interesting that although I couldn't see what would come down the road … (and what came has not been easy) … but it is taking on the appearance of a “resurrection” ... of a kind!  You might be familiar with the saying … “when God closes a door … he opens a window” … or something like that. Bill Gates probably likes that version!  Anyway … God closed that door for me … and most of my guests for that matter. Maybe it's just that it's Autumn … but the air seems fresher these days … at least in my imagination. 


So what am I saying?  My Concert Series is undergoing a necessary transformation.

I am in the process of "retooling" to be able to offer high quality audio and video via "live-streaming" direct from Perelandra.  You will be able to enjoy a front row center seat from the comfort of your own home, dormitory, church or any other place you have the ability to tune in to the "Live" Concert.  The first one will be ...

 *** Thursday Evening, October 29th at 7:00 PM ***

You will be able to obtain a "Reservation" to attend in a few weeks.  There will be many details I will reveal here as the days go by.

A reservation for you, family and/or friends will be available for

~a donation of any kind~

(every donation will be accepted gratefully ... but is NOT necessary.)

Please pass the word ... and keep an eye out here for updates.  

And thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement over the last 16 months!

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