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Used Folkcraft Lap-Jo Pro #21061670
  • Used Folkcraft Lap-Jo Pro #21061670

    Uniquely built by Folkcraft Instruments, this used Lap-Jo Pro is a fascinating blending of a Mountain Dulcimer and a Banjo. The fretboard is set up just like a mountain dulcimer. It has a 28" VSL and includes the 1.5, 6.5, 8.5, and 13.5 frets. While it has a 4-peg head, this one is only set up to use 3 equidistant strings. The nut and bridge are not notched for 4-string configurations. It features an all-mahogany construction with an Gaboon Ebony fretboard veneer. While it is played like a mountain dulcimer, due to the banjo-head body it sounds like a banjo. It uses an 11" diameter Remo Fiberskyn head that looks and sounds like a traditional hide head, but is actually made of a Mylar film. Another nice feature is the L.R. Baggs LAP-JO pickup, "custom made for Folkcraft". It is a beautiful hybrid instrument well worth checking out.

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