This is the Songbird Phoebe Hammered Dulcimer.  The Songbird dulcimers tend to have less sustain and a darker tone than other dulcimers, which is a desirable sound for bluegrass, jigs, and faster tunes.  It's a 3 octave dulcimer (16/15) with a natural finish, and open soundholes.  The top and bottom are a solid core laminate, with provides a strength and stability for holding tune, and can be less prone to warping over time. 


You can buy the Phoebe as a package, with a case, folding stand, beginner book, hammers, tuning wrench, and chromatic clip-on tuner, or the dulcimer only.  Talk about getting bang for your buck!


*Please note:  This item can be drop-shipped.  If we don't have this dulcimer in the Showroom, it can be ordered!


Songbird Phoebe - Natural Finish

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