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Mac McKinney 3 Octave Hammered Dulcimer
  • Mac McKinney 3 Octave Hammered Dulcimer

    SKU: 320-6-94

    Mac was another North Carolina Hammered Dulcimer Maker and a wonderful human being.  Sadly, he passed away a few years back.  This instrument is a wonderful example of Mac's work.  It is a 15/14, 3 Octave that spans from D3 to D6.  It has a Mahogany Top, Walnut Rails and Bridges, Rock Maple Pin Blocks and a Baltic Birch Ply Back.  It measures 43" along the Bottom Rail, 19" along the Top Rail, 17" from the bottom to the Top and 4 1/4" deep.  It weighs in at 15 1/2  lbs.  Mac made this instrument in June of 1994 and it's #320.  The String spacing is 1".  It comes with a Nylon Padded Case with 2 pockets, Single sided hammers (with one extra!), a Tuning Wrench, Tuning and String Gauge Chart and an Intelli battery powered Chromatic Tuner.

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