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JRS Grande Concertmaster 4.5-Octave Dual Super Bass Dulcimer Package
  • JRS Grande Concertmaster 4.5-Octave Dual Super Bass Dulcimer Package

    SKU: 815

    This is a "classic" JRS Concertmaster (2003).  It has 2/19/21/9 bridge configuration with the 9 note Super Bass being accessable from either the right or the left side.  It spans 4.5 Octaves (4 chromatic).  This hammered dulcimer has a solid Mahogany top and a Tulip Poplar back.  It is well-seasoned, well cared for, and has a resonant, well balanced tone.  The 9 Super Bass notes are tuned to Bb3, F3, Eb3, C3, A2, G2, F#2, E2, D2.  


    • 2/19/21/9 Dual Super Bass bridge configuration
    • 19lbs 8oz.
    • Asymmetrical Body (Vertical Treble Bridge, closer Bass Bridge)
    • Solid Quartersawn Mahogany Soundboard
    • Custom Brown stained Soundboard
    • Laminated Cocobolo End Rails
    • Tulip Poplar Rail Laminations
    • Solid Northern Rock Maple Pin Blocks
    • Solid Tulip Poplar Back
    • Mystery Bridges (maybe Buginga!) inlaid with Curly Maple and Purpleheart Position Markers
    • Double Spline Finger Joints
    • Solid Maple Lateral Structural Bracing
    • Solid Maple Soundboard Support/Tone Truss
    • Solid Mahogany Soundboard Strut
    • Signature JRS Soundhole Rosettes
    • Curly Maple Edge Binding
    • 20 Graduated String Gauges
    • Nitrocellulose Hand Rubbed Finish
    • Individually “Voiced”
    • Signed and Sealed Document of Origin and Authenticity

    It comes with a Song of the Wood case, a fully adjustable stand, hammers, tuning wrench and tuning chart.

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