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Hammered Dulcimer Stands (unfinished)

Hammered Dulcimer Stands (unfinished)

These are our most affordable hammered dulcimer stands.  The Tall option is for standing up while playing, and the Short option is designed to be used while sitting down.  They are made of lightweight pine, are not adjustable and are unfinished (bare wood).  They are extremely light and portable and fold up into 4 parallel legs for carrying.  When extended they form a stable "tripod."  If you choose you can stain them or finish them in any way you choose!


The short stand is 36.5" in length when folded up, and the tall stand is 45.5" in length when folded up.  They would work for shorter to average-height people.  Taller folks may find them too short!  Please contact us with questions.


Note:  The design of the unfinished stand has changed somewhat, so it may not look exactly like the stands pictured.  Please call or email us with questions.


If you want to save some bucks and still have either a sit-down or stand-up stand for your hammered dulcimer, one of these just might fill the bill!

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