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Dusty Strings D550 Hammered Dulcimer
  • Dusty Strings D550 Hammered Dulcimer

    From Dusty Strings:



    • 3¾ octaves overall range
    • 3½ octaves chromatic range
    • solid sapele soundboard and back
    • traditional 5th-interval tuning
    • 16/15 configuration with an 8-course super bass bridge
    • reinforced with carbon fiber for stability


    "The D550 has the same size frame as the D500, but adds 5 more courses of strings to the super bass bridge, extending the bass range down to G2. One of our mid-sized Chromatic Series dulcimers, it combines a highly useful 3¾ range and deep, lush tone with a relatively portable body size, making it among our most popular instruments.


    Working closely with our design partner, Sam Rizzetta, we developed what we're calling a "dual-density bridge system" to optimize the tonal balance across the range. In the upper register, we're using jatoba, a very dense and articulate South American tonewood, which brings out the clear, ringing bell tones of the high notes. Slightly lighter density Eastern hard maple in the mid and lower ranges facilitates a full, warm, round tone. This combination surrounds the player with a balanced blend of clarity, responsiveness, sparkle and warmth.


    Starting in 2011, we began incorporating carbon fiber into the internal bracing of our Chromatic Series dulcimers, improving upon their existing reputation for excellent tuning stability. With a stiffer frame, the tuning stability has gone from excellent to truly exceptional, a benefit that any dulcimer player will appreciate wholeheartedly.


    The C500 case is available separately.


    Note: If you think you might want dampers, we'd encourage you to consider ordering them along with your instrument. On our Chromatic Series dulcimers, the dampers are complicated enough that they require custom fitting for each instrument to make sure they function well. It is possible for us to install them later, but it will require shipping your dulcimer to our shop in Seattle.


    Included: Gooseneck tuning wrench and large double-sided hammers."


    The D550 Dulcimer can be ordered as the dulcimer only (with the accessories noted above), or with the additional options of Dampers and/or a C500 Case.


    *If the dulcimer you wish to order is not in stock, please contact us so we can discuss the timing and payment.*


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