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Dusty Strings D45 Damper Package
  • Dusty Strings D45 Damper Package

    This D45 model by Dusty Strings provides the dulcimer enthusiast with three octaves of sparkling, clean, and balanced sound in a 16 treble/15 bass course playing configuration. As an extra enhancement, there are three upper chromatic notes to extend the chromatic range to more than two octaves, a very useful feature. Made entirely of solid woods, this dulcimer has a deep bass that blends beautifully with its clear, even treble.  It has some truly beautiful Ribbon Mahogany for the soundboard, back and endrails.  This instrument is damper ready. This sustain control device creates a wide range of tonal effects, from the rich and complex natural voice of the undamped strings to a wonderful, wholly muted marimba-like tone with no sustain.  This dulcimer package includes the damper system insalled, C45 case, tuning wrench, hammers, note guides and a tuning chart.  

    • Accessories to Consider:

      Hammered Dulcimer Stand

      Snark Chromatic Tuner

      String Polishing Cake

      String Care Kit - Blitz Cloth

      Hammered Dulcimer Instruction Book

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