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Understated Genius ... In case you missed it ...

I've respected this guy since "Late for the Sky." He's still doin' fine I suppose. I sure love the way he keeps it simple so you have time to ... consider. You know ... the words, I mean! So clean, so clear, so true ... so grateful to you and yours Jackson. Be well.


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Such a time as these ...

Happy 4th of July ya'll from my Blue Ridge Mountain home. I am reminded this day of how amazingly blessed I am to be a man born in America. For the first many years of my life I had no real awarene

Wow ... what a Day "in time!"

It's the 28th day of June, 2024 in the time-table of Our Lord. Wow. I surely hope you are paying attention with a renewed ability to be able to discern Truth from lies. That's my prayer today ... a

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

God just revealed yet another thing today. He's just like that ... you know. I live to learn. I live to appreciate truth, art, hard work ... the coming of The Kingdom ... and it IS coming ... now.


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