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Time to Rise!

The battle we are waking up to is not against any individual, group or nation. It is not about your neighbor, the "other" party or Ukraine. We are engaged in a war to be sure ... but it's mostly against fear. Fear of Covid, Fear of Violence, Fear about our money. The battle is not so much physical ... but Spiritual. There is truly a spirit of Deception and Lawlessness invading our schools, our borders and the halls of power. Fortunately ... we have an army ... and access to the most powerful weapon in all Creation ... the Holy Spirit ... who resides in every one of us who believe. The Victory is Ours. The plans of the deceived will fail. The Triumph is Ours! In the meantime we must take up "the full armor" because THIS is the final battle. Indeed, the war to end ALL wars. Let us give all honor and praise to the One, the only One who sacrificed Himself to afford us Life. Let us join the choir of the Angels in Spirit and Truth. Let us celebrate ... even as the darkness flees ...


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