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The Greatest Weapon

We, who have been called, are designed to fulfill specific roles in unique and specific places. We are being aroused into service, ushered into position. We have been given the privilege to function as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ ... each in his or her own place ... for this very time. We are granted an "audience of one" with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The battle is His ... and yet He calls us to action and has equipped us with the greatest of all weapons. It is a weapon of humility and submission. It's called Prayer. It ignites the most powerful connection imaginable, fueling the most potent force in all of creation ... Love.


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Such a time as these ...

Happy 4th of July ya'll from my Blue Ridge Mountain home. I am reminded this day of how amazingly blessed I am to be a man born in America. For the first many years of my life I had no real awarene

Wow ... what a Day "in time!"

It's the 28th day of June, 2024 in the time-table of Our Lord. Wow. I surely hope you are paying attention with a renewed ability to be able to discern Truth from lies. That's my prayer today ... a

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

God just revealed yet another thing today. He's just like that ... you know. I live to learn. I live to appreciate truth, art, hard work ... the coming of The Kingdom ... and it IS coming ... now.


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