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Please watch to the end ...


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Thank you Caroline and Brandon ...

So loving this body ... my body, the body of Jesus ... Our Body ... "it's only about the blood." Amen

Back in nostalgia mode ...

So this is, I suppose, one of my many "issues." I ... listen ... and ... it moves me. I remember this album way back "in the day." I found this live take he just did fairly recently I guess. And s

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23. Nov. 2019

Love this one! In Christ, we can TRUST that the indwelling Holy Spirit KNOWS our dreams & hopes......and will relay those to our Father who KNOWS BEST when and IF to cause them to become reality. And our Father sometimes SURPRISES us when we may have thought He had forgotten a special dream we've had! I will share this with a very special friend who recently had her husband to tell her he didn't love her after 3 years of marriage. He's forsaking his vows to her for another woman! God bless!

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