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January 31, 2017 Love this:

January 31, 2017 Oh ... and this:  Not just because of ... well ... a bunch of "stuff" ... but because they are so enjoying what they do.  I can ... relate.

January 31, 2017 Maybe I've posted this before.  Forgive me if I've done that.  ... but I've been getting "schooled" lately by some long lost friends.  Gotta get back to class ........................

January 31, 2017 Last post for now:

January 31, 2017 Just got off the phone with a good friend.  He doesn't care for this group.  I do:   But then ... I'm reaching out ..........

February 1, 2017 Well ... here's David again ... playing with a guy from Asheville ... I think you spell his name Warren Haynes.  Anyway ... too cool that Dave would invite him to play at most amazing Concert in the Park.  Just lovin' it:

February 2, 2017 Yesterday, like most days, had it's challenges and dwindling fears ... but mostly it was wonderful.  I was very tired so I got to bed at 8:00 and woke up ready to go at 3:00.  Started the needed fire, let my favorite voice in creation sooth me into my day, practiced just a touch of guitar and marveled at the light rain gently falling outside my door.  Just now I've been catching up on a couple emails.  Silly little speaker connection on my PC went "kafloowy" yesterday so Zach recommended that I go to USB instead of that little plug.  He continues to "take the reigns" here in my Workshop.  Asked a good, old friend if he'd like to help Zach out a bit a couple days a week ... and he "beamed" at me.  I thought that was a yes .... so I took him to lunch to try to hack out the contract.  He's a pretty wise old negotiator ... but after a lot of back and forth I think we finally forged something?!?  I hope I didn't lose than darn napkin!

February 8, 2017 Well ... I'm home.  Difficult trip to help Mom.  I did everything I could do.  Never actually saw her.  I wasn't allowed in by her husband.  Very sad.  Good news is ... I think ... she's safe ... now.  Still ... there's an "unfolding" ...  and I'm praying every day that it is glorious indeed.  This cut is exquisite:   This is definitely what GREAT music is.  Thanks guys.

February 8, 2017 Love this one as well:

February 8, 2017 I think I'm gettng closer to announcing my first Concert at Perelandra this year.  I'm hoping she'll do two nights.  If and when I know for sure ... I'll post it here as well as on my Perelandra page.  I'll have to coordinate the personal invitations so that it all happens at once.  Please wish us well.


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