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August 7, 2018 Headed to bed after a great day ... worshipping ... then I found this.  So this is for you ... tonight:  Sweet dreams beloved.

August 8, 2018 Definitely one of my favorite bands back "in the day."  Thanks Tommy and crew.  You rock.  Saw you in Asheville so many years ago ... a little too loud for the room (not your fault by the way).  Ready to rock my dear:

August 9, 2018 Another video of a great song by Lauren Daigle just published yesterday.  I love the words ... I love her voice ... so I'm sending this "truth" out today.  I hope you believe:

August 9, 2018 So I'm just packing and worshipping with all those great YouTube believers.  I'm getting ready for a little "road trip" in my new CX9 that I've been anticipating for several weeks now.  I'll head up the mountain early tomorrow for my morning prayers and meditation to prepare for my journey.  Although I'm very excited ... I'm not in a hurry.  It feels so good to trust in Our Father's timing.  I mean ... HE already has this whole "earthly thing" worked out so why waste time fretting ... right?  Anyway ... as I was folding things to go in my suitcase I was listening to this again and ... was prompted ... so here are David & Nicole Binion.  I hope you enjoy this:

August 9, 2018 Last one before my "trip."  Please enjoy:

August 10, 2018 I mentioned Styx the other day.  If you've never seen Tommy Shaw and the band ... here's your chance.  And with this link they're joined with The Eagles ... Don Felder.  It's a great take.  I hope you enjoy:

August 15, 2018 Back home tonight after ... oh, 2300 miles.  Great trip.  Simply can't wait to go up the mountain early tomorrow in the peace, fresh air and peace of the forest ... I've missed it.  So ... my car is amazing.  The Bose system is very clear along with the limited road noise because of the quiet cabin.  I so enjoyed the "miles" as they melted away listening to Alison w/Union Station, Dave M. and Nickel Creek.  I think I sang along most of the 30, or so, hours in the car.   My voice is coming back into form.  I love it!  Made lots of promises to myself about work and the complete overhaul of my Workshop and "showroom" space.  The next few months will be pulling "the team" together ... Zach, Jo Ann, Heather, Scott, Jeff and Jerry C. as we step "out onto the water."  I am so thankful tonight for Our Father who guarded my every step and lane change for the last 5 days.  He delivered me back to my home tonight.  I will sleep well and pray constantly for the deliverance of us all as we ascend.  To quote someone:  "it's a long hill, it's a lonely climb."  

August 15, 2018 After an awesome trip ... and back home ... I was headed to bed ... but, worshipping first ... as I do.  I found this by my favorite worship group ... and "Our Father" prompted me to post ... even though I was very tired after my journey.  Hey ... I'm not complaining ... I'm just saying I can't hardly wait to "tuck in" and pray ... to be closer tomorrow ... than I was today ... to ... Our Father.  I pray that for you as well ... by the way.  If you have time ... listen to every word of this piece that was published yesterday (I think).  And God Bless your heart as you approach HIS Kingdom ... which is coming ... NOW:

August 21, 2018 This one's for YOU:

August 21, 2018 One more for tonight:

So much better ... this wave ...........


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