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July 27, 2018 Stuck on Hillsong this morning.  That, by the way, is NOT a bad thing.  Bounce ... if you will ... from Jesus Culture to Hillsong to Elevation Worship ... to SCC ... to Amy or Chris or Michael, Nichole, Kari, etc. etc. etc.  If you do you will eventually become familiar with your ... brothers and sisters ... who are singing and playing ... for YOU: July 27, 2018 Good day today.  Here's another thing ... different genre.  Pretty sure these guys are doing the brother/sister thing.  I'm sure Tommy could give me lessons ... but he'd have to "slow down." July 27, 2018 This one reminds me of seeing Stephane Grappelli in concert here in Asheville so many years ago.  I realized ... in that moment ... what it meant to be a "master."  This is not Stephane ... but these are masters none the less.  Enjoy my love: July 27, 2018 Ok ... so I can't leave you ... today without Stephane.  Has anyone every improved on this? July 27, 2018 I love the way Stephane encourages the guitar player in the middle of his "moment."  This is EXACTLY what the best do to encourage ... the rest ... so ... what is great ... continues.  When it all comes together ... it brings me to tears.  And ... I know ... it does to you ... as well.  I'm just "sayin'." July 27, 2018 Ok ... I have to make brunch for myself.  So one last one before ... I cook ... and listen some more to the one's who inspire me to ... play again.  So ... this is exactly how two "masters" play together.  No band ... no big drums ... no programing.  Musicianship almost beyond my imagination ... or even my comprehension.  There is great value in ... intimacy.  I'm not sayin' it wouldn't be fun to have a band ... I'm just sayin' July 28, 2018 Tremendous production team.  Awesome crew, players, etc.  Again ... our sisters and brothers ... calling out to ... us.  Calling us HOME.  Let's go ... what do you say ... come on ... let's go!!!!!!!!! July 28, 2018 I've posted a version of this before.  This is a "lyric" version with Bethel Church.  Enjoy ... the very truth:  July 29, 2018 Back from my MC drive to Lane Pinnacle Overlook.  Wings at East Village.  This is my offering to the Kingdom tonight.  Believe this ... it's true:  I'm getting ready to see you soon.  Please pray for us. July 29, 2018 This is awesome my love.  Please ... we'll be together soon.

Nothing can stop HIS Kingdom.  If you believe ... you're home soon.


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