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September 25, 2016 Oh ... gosh ... still listening.  Thanks Randy ... here's the link:

September 28, 2016 I have a new favorite song.  Ooh .... who knew.  So it's "Daughtry" ... 2009 "Leave This Town."  The song is ... Open Up Your Eyes ... I hope you can find the link.  As tears fill mine ... I hope God is this big ... but then I know He is ... I'm just struggling to ....

October 1, 2016 Todays walk was my first this year with one of those fleece/pullover things instead of just a t shirt.  The change of season's here in the mountains is exhilerating and the movement from Summer to Fall is my absolute favorite.  The cold"ish" air on my face and the smell of leaves is something I cherish.  I think I get a little extra sentimental this time of year.  So ... a little over two months ago I disconnected my Television Satellite Dish.  I have been watching YouTube videos of musical artists, how to play the guitar "lessons" ... and the like ... but no news, sports, sitcom's ... nothing!  As a result of that, I suppose, most of my posts here for the last couple of months have included music links.  I'm going to chalk that up as sentimentality although I would contend it's not maudlin!  I do hold to the premise that music is the universal language and can speak to our hearts, minds and souls in ways that words alone cannot.  And I am grateful, beyond words, to Our Father for the gift and treasure of music.  May we sing and play for the Glory of His Kingdom alone.  PS. Rock and roll is OK!

January 18, 2017 The last several months have been ... well ... trying.  After 53 years in her home ... Mom had to move to Assisted Living.  Emotional, Relational ... Complicated.  I'd like to say here ... that I am thankful ... for a few very good friends, my work ... and that I still believe in "The Dream."  I remember, after all, that it was out of the darkness whence came the light.  Music has always been the way Our Father speaks to me.  Music has always been the way I've felt the closest to Hope.  I think some folks probably believe I'm a bit "lost."  I know ... some folks ... worry about me.  I am grateful for the "care" ... but ... I'm not a big fan of the "concern."  Our Father has placed us each on the perfect path.  Our journey's are unique.  None of us can truly understand another's plight.  Therefore we should definitely care ... but, definitely, not concern ourselves ... that would be presumptuous.  I think ... when we care ... we listen as opposed to when we are concerned ... we tend to speak.  I believe that if we "truly" care ... we should listen more.  So ... here's one of my very favorite one's to listen to (and I do apologize if I'm somehow being redundant):  Oh, and it's fun to play along on the guitar.

January 18, 2017 One last for ... this day ... from a distant friend of whom I almost never see these days.  I'm so glad he's still forging the path we both "saw" so many years ago.

January 20, 2017 I marveled at how warm my walk was on this wet January morning with about a 1/3 moon peaking through the veil.  Because of all the fear and trepidation that's being "peddled" these days I couldn't avoid the thought ... global warming .... ooooh!  Of course ...then I had to consider ... why am I not alarmed?  I mean that's not the only thing to be alarmed about ... right?  I mean ... I should be freaking scared to death!  But I'm not ... why?  As I inch closer to 70 ... uh huh ... 70 ... there should be a litany of things.  I'd list them ... but then I might actually ... scare myself!  So is my head in the sand?  Hey ... maybe my brain's stopped working!  I guess that could have it's advantages.  I mean ... then I wouldn't even know if I was riddled with fear.  I am so grateful for the work I do, the friends I have and the Peace that I know ... that I suppose I'm just too busy being thankful to have any idle time to be anxious.  I'm also extremely fortunate, at my advanced age, that I'm too weak to start a fight, too slow to chase anyone down, too dumb to change the world, too poor to exploit just about anything in excess and too ugly to attract media attention.  Because of all this good fortune ... I'm pretty relaxed!  It really breaks my heart when I see folks super concerned about this or that.  I can listen ... for a while ... but then I have to think of some excuse to leave the room because it's just too painful to be a party to the "mis-direction."  Another real blessing that comes with advanced age is the realization that I cannot change anybody.  I've finally come to the revelation ... then ... why try?  A better use of one's time would be ... to relax, don't fear and just love.

January 20, 2017 Gosh ... what a day.  I hope ... someday ... we can talk so I can tell you more.  Love this:

January 20, 2017 Going way back ... I know.  Love the smiles between Don F, Glen and Joe ... especially when Glen sings "I gotta know if your sweet love is gonna save me" ... and points to the camera.  Gee ... maybe I'm a "retro" guy!

January 20, 2017 And ... Joe's wink at the end ...........

January 20, 2017 Sheesh ... what a day.  Just got off a call with Jesse.  Now I'm posting this new thing ...  Ok ... so maybe it's guitar infatuation ... guilty.


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