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May 7, 2018Oh gosh ... one more ... remembering back to Central Park.  That time with the whole band.  This time ... "naked" ... singing ... all by himself ... with just his guitar.  Fragile ... by comparison ... yet ... so powerful if you can hear.  Love you Dave: 16, 2018Thank you Matthew West tonight.  What can I say: 19, 2018Just finished gluing 18 Hammered Dulcimer frame pieces.  Lot's of fun woods ... like Figured African Bubinga, East Indian Rosewood, Purpleheart, Claro Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Brazillian Cherry, Bolivian Rosewood, American Curly Cherry.  I wish people from all over our amazing world could get along like these woods can ... and "do" as they come together to "sing" as ... music in the form of instruments of hope.  Many of us "love" all the rest of us ... and bear the torch of  ... sacrifice.  Some are "confused" ... distracted by lies ... frantic to "understand" the ... state of things.  As I've said here for years ... I believe that there is ONE hope, One promise, One Truth:  My intention here is not to offend ... or frustrate ... but, in my feeble way, to give hope.  Please delete my "good news" from your attention and disregard my words here if it is an offense to you.  May 24, 2018Man ... I so love the Church today.  We're a little splintered ... divided ... cloistered.  But ... the Saints are rising TODAY.  Just found this a few minutes ago and I know this isn't twitter ... but ... this will stand beyond the next few minutes.  If you join us ... we who love Our Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit ... there is no such thing as being late.  So come ... sing ... be silent ... rise ..... 24, 2018Well ... I have to head to bed because my "cousins" are arriving tomorrow for a reunion.  I'm so excited.  Actually they're the children of my mother's two best friends from 50 years back ... not actually cousins.  Still ... to host them here is going to be so wonderful.  I think it's been 40 years since we were all together in the same place.  Maybe less ... maybe more ... point taken.  Anyway ... this will be a weekend like no other in my whole life and I'm so looking forward to the stories, the laughter ... and maybe, the tears as well.  It's all good ... as they say.  No worries!  In the meantime ... I just found this ... from some years back ... but as good as anything current:  I so hope you can enjoy!  Love.May 25, 2018One of my fav's ... just got this link: 27, 2018So my prayer .... literally .... for years .. has been "walk with me."  So I just found this the other day and I find her vocals so incredibly powerful.  She starts "alto" I think.  Eventually ... she let's it go ... and it is so appropriate, I mean, with the lyrics.  I hope you can enjoy this today.  So today one of my "cousins" showed me a tatoo she got a little while back.  I said that I wasn't totally into tatoo's but, without blinking, she told me "the story" behind it.  Here's the punch line of her story ... "Love is Infinity ... Infinity is Love."  I smiled and nodded ... YES ... and thanked her for helping teach an "old man" a little bit about ... a tatoo.  Now I'm not saying that I'm going to rush right out and get a tatoo ... but ... I though of the old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" and wondered ... is that adage ... true?  Oh yeh ... back to ... walk with me: May 30, 2018Well ... I'm just sitting here ... decompressing from an amazing weekend with my "cousins."  I have an awesome pic from Cindy that she took way back in the day of me on my Sears Moped in the front yard at 7280 ... and Tom Tom is standing beside me.  Well ... Tom (tom) is now like 6'3" and I stopped growing at 6' ... so even though he's the youngest "cousin" ... I feel somewhat obligated to show him immense respect!!!!!!!  Anyway ... I think I was 15 and Tom was 6 or 7.  Cindy really had some wonderful pic's of a lot of us ... you know ... back in the day.  So ... in my decompression mode I'm listening to one of the David's and Nichole ... both of whom I recorded in Perelandra.  Gosh ... so much fun to see ... what I saw ... when it actually ... happened.  Anyway ... my love is so complete today ... so satisfied.  I pray that your day is filled with love and satisfaction ... wherever you are ... and whatever you're doing.  Amen.May 31, 2018

It's been just a month since my Mom's "passing" and ... I feel her with me.  She's smiling ... we're joking (like always) ... and I'm so relieved that the last months of her life here are gone forever ... and now ... forever is her life.  Only now ... like the Beatle's sang ... she is ... "Here, There and Everywhere."  Maybe I'm beginning to understand.  I do know that I ache to play, to write, to ... go.  Just found this and I think it pretty much captures my current "state."

May 31, 2018Ok ... I've posted this before.  I'm just home ... practicing my golf swing in my "simulator" and ... so I like to do it with music.  I had to stop and listen again.  This, in my opinion, is a remarkable "cut."  Of course I "LOVE" the lyrics and the performance.  Reminds me of an awesome song for "Charlie."  "Because of LOVE."  

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