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December 21, 2017So here's the cut: 21, 2017

Don absolutley needs to join Deacon and Vince ... now ... that's a WORLD TOUR ...  and by the way ... I know this Hammered Dulcimer guy ...   just sayin'

December 25, 2017I am HOME.  I just finished 1200 miles in my car ... in not "totally fun" conditions to spend a little over 3 hours (in 3 separate visits total) with my Mom in her assisted living facility ... Cardinal Retirement Village in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  It started a little tense when her husband informed me that I was no longer going to be able to visit her in "his" apartment.  No comment on that one.  So we met in a "public" area of the facility.  All in all ... I believe it went very well.  I showed Mom some video, played her some music, asked her some questions, etc.  We both laughed a lot.  When her husband "declared" me crazy, evil, etc. I'm now very happy that we were in a more public area.  I think many residents can now see that I am simply a loving son wanting to visit and "protect" his Mom.  He, once again, threatened to call the Police on me (he's done that 4 times total).  I said ... please do ... but he declined.  I also believe that, finally, many are seeing through the thin facade of his persona.  So ... GOD is good ... I am home with a fire in the fireplace.  It may have been the best Christmas I've ever had!  I do ... however ... have plans for an even better one next year.  Wish me well 📷📷📷!December 26, 2017So ... finally home and pretty exhausted I thought "this will be great ... I'll sleep 'til 8 probably!"  Wrong!  I awoke just after midnight.  I spent the next two hours praying and "chit-chatting" with Our Father ... thinking ... I'll fall back asleep.  Wrong again.  So ... being quite aware of this "routine" ... I got up, dressed warmly (it was mid 20's with wind) and headed up the mountain.  Don't think that I'm crazy ... it's just that my heart's "on fire."  So I sang (silently) all the new music in my head and laughed several times remembering moments from this last year ... one Concert in particular.  Gosh it's good to be home.  Hopefully golf today or tomorrow amidst the meetings and obligations.  Lovingly ... yours! December 26, 2017Just love this ... thanks to Mark and crew: 27, 2017In tears again ... I've posted this before but I'm prompted to do it again.  This is the real church ... this is real worship ... drop your chains whatever they may be and join ... the choir!  Oh ... thank you Chris ... and Kim.  Watch at least the first two pieces ... if you can: 1, 2018A classic ... with our choir:

Listen ... close your eyes ... join us.January 1, 2018I'd like to send a special "shout out" to the production crews.  You're doing great work.  It's not just the folks on camera ... it's YOU too. 1, 2018I especially love this:

Good night and happy New Year to ALL.

Tomorrow is a New Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!January 2, 2018Do nothing to ever discourage these young ones ... singing here ... for a higher hope:

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