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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

December 6, 2017

I remember when the band "Blind Faith" formed ... after "Cream" sort of "imploded."  I loved their first album ... and this is an amazing vision off that very recording ... except only Eric and Stevie are hear from the original band:

December 6, 2017

Now, of course, I absolutely LOVED Neil Young back in the day ... as I still do.  I love the two Les Paul's in this video because my first guitar was similar to the gold one.  I bought mine, with a small Fender Amp, for $75 just about a year before Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Stephen Stills recorded that great album "Super Session ('68)."  My Les Paul was "the real thing" probably built in the 40's or 50's.  I actually sold it for exactly the same price to purchase a different guitar just before they started selling for $1000 - $1500 ... because of "those guys."  Oopsy-daisy!!!  My new one is a very inexpensive copy from Guitar Center.  It looks a little like whatever Neil's playing (but with 📷no tremlo bar).  I love that so many good people "got" the genius of Hendrix ... wow:

December 8, 2017

Coming to Perelandra in 2018!

This is just a very early partial list. No “Invitations” yet but you can call the Showroom to make reservations for Concerts (be sure to leave phone # if you get voicemail). For the Hammered Dulcimer Academies you'll need to contact the Instructor's directly to get on their waiting lists. You'll have to “google” them until I get my Perelandra page fully functional for the new year. I truly hope you can make it to visit this next year … I think it's gonna be a good one!


David Wilcox – January 9th

Vicki Genfan – April 7th

Jesse Isley & ? - April 14th

na Skylark – April 21st

Susie Burke & David Surrette – April 27th

David LaMotte – June 1st

David Holt August 17th

(*note – most of these folks have agreed to do a 2nd night if they sell-out too quickly!*)


Jon Weinberg's Chord Camp I – May 7 – May 11

Jon Weinberg's Chord Camp II – May 14 – May 18

Linda Thomas – June 4 – June 8

Marya Katz – June 11 – June 15

Stephen Humphries – One of the last two weeks in June (waiting on decision from Stephen!)

December 10, 2017

I don't think I've posted this ... but hey ... it's the season.  This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs by the wonderful Lauren Daigle:  Turn it up ... close your eyes ... and, I hope, enjoy.

December 10, 2017

Still Worshiping this day.  Came across this ... it's a little raw and rough and loud ... but I love Jon and crew.  Please remember ... I grew up in the 60"s and 70's ... I love to rock ... but the lyrics are very important to me and ... if you "try" to listen ... you'll hear TRUTH:

I truly hope you enjoy to Worship as much as I do ... in ALL it's diversity.

December 11, 2017

I've been up since midnight ... working, studying, a little guitar ... making my first "Invitation" for the year with David Wilcox "In Concert" at Perelandra ... oh, and practicing my golf swing!!!  I just found this on a break and remembered how much I absolutely love this group, Jesus Culture:

December 12, 2017

Sending this out to Nichole: 12, 2017I think I read today that The Eagles are touring ... again ... with Deacon ... taking his Dad's place ... and joined by ... and this really was a shock to me ... Vince Gill.  Wow.  Stadium tours here we go.  So fun.  Well here's a great piece by Nichole and Amy (Vince's close one).

December 12, 2017

Last post for the next few days ... I'll be busy.  Anyway ... spending time with Danny Gokey in worship tonight and I found this:

Sweet dreams to the kingdom.  Let's dance!

December 15, 2017

I am very tired.  Over 1000 miles to see Mom.  Her husband called the Police on me and Jo Ann.  Home now ... fire in the fireplace.  As I was worshipping I stumbled on this great song by my friend David.  Listen ... consider ... that the Spirit might actually be able to  show you the way ... to LIFE.


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