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September 11, 2017 Just started my first fire of the year (except for early winter in Jan/Feb).  I love YouTube for great music video's.  Got it on AXS.TV ... which I also love ... especially for old Concert footage and interviews.  Anyway ... I'm watching Matchbox 20 ... who I've heard of ... but never seen or listened to.  Oh my ... I like what I'm seeing so far.  I have it paused currently so I could post.  Gotta get back ... pizza in the oven ... cool air, wind and rain outside ... warm with a fire inside and, until now, undiscovered music.  God Bless All.

September 30, 2017 I am so grateful today.  I am so thankful for my friends.  Another fantastic Concert last night in Perelandra.  Another one a little later this afternoon.  So many supporters, so much great music, true fellowship ... I stand in amazement.  The last two months have been "trying."  Through it all my Faith never waivered ... even in my weakness.  I'm pretty sure that ... in the end ... the most important gift we've ever been given will prove itself to be ... Faith.  Put not your Faith in man.  Love your fellow man.  Put your Faith in the One who made you, the One who sustains you ... the One who died ... that YOU might live.

October 1, 2017 Finally saw a Bear again this AM on my walk up the mountain.  It had been 3 weeks or so since my last sighting but this makes 40 Bears that I've seen this year!  I love how "at peace" I'm feeling these days ... even with all the troubles in the world.  I certainly face trials and troubles, usually daily, and maybe it's just my age and experience that help me "rest" in those moments.  But ... I think it's more.  I think it's Grace (the Theo. definition).  I have come to especially appreciate ... time!  It is an incredibly freeing feeling not to feel rushed.  If I ever start to feel rushed ... I know that my view of time has narrowed.  Feeling rushed crushes peace and almost always leads to bad decisions or behavior.  I believe The Creator's time ... is true time ... and He's in charge of every moment.  We can choose to "dance" in the moments and celebrate the time He has given us by His Grace.  Let's not fret and rush ... wouldn't you rather toss your hair back ... and dance?

October 3, 2017 So now what?  What do we do?  What do I do?  Do we dare ... ask ... what are YOU doing?

We are Houston ... we are North Korea ... we are Syria ... we are Puerto Rico ... we are Las Vegas ... we are THE WORLD.

So we build ... we play ... we raise our children.  We seek truth ... we try ... to speak the truth.  We succeed ... we fail ... we wonder ... we wander.  So now what?

We are THE BODY.  Are we doing enough?  We keep trying to do more but we're not sure it's working!  How much of this "mess" is up to us?

You say "believe."  We say ... we do.  You say ... Amen.

October 3, 2017 These are two of my favorites Sw & Ld ... it's a little "raw" ... but the message is so freakin' true.

Another ... just Ld ... more produced ... gotta run ...

October 5, 2017 Had one of the best times ever today with two of my very best friends in the World ... David and Don.  These guy were two of the very few who stood by me as I suffered through my divorce.  They didn't judge me ... they didn't lecture me ... they just ... stayed ... by my side.  It's been 7 years to the month since she moved out of our home.  I saw her about 3 weeks ago in a Walmart parking lot.  We had a pleasant interchange.  I hope she's well ... she seemed OK.  I think I told both Don and David today that I've never felt better in my whole life than I do right now.  Of course ... it's FALL ... so that helps.  But ... over the last 2 or 3 years ... I've healed ... finally.  I've gotten pretty good at being alone.  Of course ... I hope my Father has someone "in the wings" who might enjoy my company as much as I enjoy hers.  I hope I get the opportunity to "real"ly meet her.  But ... here's the funny part ... if not ... I'm OK!  I'm so in love with my Father ... and the body of Jesus (wherever I find them) ... that ... I'm OK if I live out the rest of my days without a "partner."  The Holy Spirit is sufficient ... right now ... for me!  Maybe I just need to drag out that old LP by Dave Mason ... "Alone Together?"  That was one great recording!

October 8, 2017 Quiet Sunday here.  Thought my walk up the mountain this AM would be "fiesty" because of Hurricane Nate's approach ... but ... it was super calm, a little warm and peaceful.  I found my self contemplating the state we all find ourselves in .... separation, for a time, from Our Father.  Considering ... again ... why He chose to have "life" contain this mystery.  Realizing ... again ... that it's because He loves His Creation and wants an intimate relationship with it ... especially us!  If there was no "fall" ... and subsequent separation ... we could never truly KNOW Him.  If Adam and Eve would have truly known Him they would have never taken a bite out of that silly Apple.  It was God's "fault" that they did (He is Sovereign and Omniscient after all) ... BUT, and here's the rub, it was their responsibility.  Whew ... that's a mind twister.  Heaven, I'm certain, will be a truly joyous celebration.  For those who know Him now ... by the Power of the Holy Spirit ... and the Sacrifice of Jesus ... Heaven is present today, albeit ... not fully.  There are some who will "deny" the Holy Spirit and never ... believe.  God in His Mercy provides for them as well ... because He Loves them ... even as they deny His existence ... and His position in this "Passion Play."  If YOU don't "believe" because of the blood of Jesus will you burn in eternal torment?  Nonsense.  Then again ... you, sadly, will never know the Awesomeness of our very Creator ... and the marvels of His Universe for all eternity.

November 14, 2017 One of the most difficult things in my life that I am "called" to do ... is wait ... wait on The Lord.  In those times I am often bombarded with thoughts of things I "should" do ... or could do!  It can be extremely confusing.  Confusion is a "red flag" ... it attempts to rob me of my peace.  Fortunately our God is not a God of chaos.  He is the God of Truth and Rest ... and Purpose.  He is the very God of Peace.  My walk on this pre-dawn morning was exhilerating and wonderfully peaceful.  I wore a new headlamp that helped me negotiate the leaf-strewn path as I made my way up the mountain.  I've hiked for years in the night with no light at all except a small flashlight that usually stayed in my back pocket.  Wisdom is, thankfully, beginning to exert a firm grip on me these days.  When I was younger I found it more difficult to wait.  I always wanted to go, go, go!  These days ... I am learning to rejoice in my "limitations."  I am finding peace within the chaos.  I could never find my own way in the darkness ... without the light ... HIS light.

November 14, 2017 Just found this video by one of my favorites:  

I love everything about it.  This "season" is the one I love the best ... this "season" of HOPE.  I hope you can enjoy this performance!

November 14, 2017 Sorry if I'm a bother.  One more from my ... brothers and sisters ... stuggling to reach YOU:


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