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My Forest Walk Today ...

Was awesome this morning. Very cold ... with wind ... very dark ... delightful! So here's what I contemplated ... science is a wonderful, God provided ... tool. Now I work with tools and even science in the larger sense, to design and make musical instruments. My work can be somewhat analogous to my early morning walks ... especially regarding the mystery. Science helps me determine a better way ... sometimes! Science is NOT perfect. It's not always reliable. With enough accurate data collection it can help to steer me down a better path. But still ... it's only a tool. I asked a doctor one time "What do you trust the most: science or God?" He very quickly answered ... "Oh, science." At the time we attended the same church and I was puzzled by his quick response to my question. I wondered if he considered science as TRUTH ... and God, perhaps, as a only a tool?


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