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Coming Soon! Blackberry Rosettes and Scrolls

     Zachary has been working hard to create a new design for a set of corner scrolls and corresponding rosettes. This design idea was inspired by the blackberry bushes at his in-laws' Pick-Your-Own Berry farm in PA, Yellow Hill Farm. The time-lapse video below shows our laser engraving and cutting out the first test of the new corner scroll design after many hours of work.

     We are excited to reveal the whole finished package on a JRS Extended Chromatic Navigator next week! To see the completed dulcimer, check back on our Facebook page and website on Monday!

     This new design will be available as an upgrade option on future custom-built JRS hammered dulcimers. We are anticipating other design ideas, as well. This new blackberry design is just an example of the degree of customization of which we are capable. If you are interested in custom rosettes and/or corner scrolls, we would also be glad to work with you to incorporate your own design ideas into your finished JRS dulcimer.


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