Can we Imagine ...

Sometimes I consider that my imagination can be, perhaps, more true than what I can see, feel and hear! Imagine ... God. Imagine that He might care more for each of us than we can fully comprehend. Imagine ... Emmanuel. Imagine that we could actually "Crown Him." I think if each of us cast our crowns ... we might find enough imagination ... see, hear and know Him. Let's do it!

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Back in 2018 or '19 ... I think ... I was in Nashville. Met Brian ... and then went to a "party" at Southern Ground. That was Zac Brown's studio. So ... I just saw a Zac Brown video for the first t

Back in my office ... scrolling for music. I think this might be a new edit ... I'm not sure. But here's one of those other great music "things." By the way ... RIP ... Chistine McVie ... you were

What is a normal day. Well ... today for me ... it's raining lightly ... I head out in my car to buy some chips! What's not normal about that? Ok ... so back to my story ... I'm in the car ... I ch