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Song of the Wood
"For those who listen ... the wood does truly sing"
Hammered Dulcimers and More since 1975

Jerry Read Smith

Here's Good News
I'm in early production of my "new" recording produced ... 
"Live" from Perelandra.

 It's entitled ... "Conversations"

Stay tuned! (JRS, May 10th, 2023)


Incidentally... if you've ever considered upgrading or, even, purchasing your new Hammered Dulcimer, the next 30 days or so would be the best time in recent memory for you to visit me!

It is uncommon to be able to compare and contrast a valuable purchase opportunity... up close and personal with no distractions!

That uncommon time is now if you're on of those rare folks willing to travel to Asheville, NC in the very near future.

Please call me:  828-301-1622 to make your appointment.  I'll even provide you with a private "mini" concert  of pieces from my new upcoming CD!

Song of the Wood hours:
If you would like to visit ... I would love to meet you!  I'm available 365 days a year 24/7.  I know that sounds a little hyperbolic but there is a caveat!  We would need to agree on a day and time.  Since I moved out of Black Mountain I am entirely "contained" in East Asheville ... at my home.  I guess the disadvantage is we have to have an appointment ... but ... the advantage is that you will have my undivided attention.  And ... Please ... don't think you have to make a purchase ... I love people more than things!

Please Note*  I do have a waiting list for my personal ... JRS Hammered Dulcimers.  Occasionally I'll have a prototype or used one so it's always good to check in!  If you can wait ... I'm happy to custom make one for YOU.

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