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Jerry Read Smith

Brand new batch of exclusive JRS hammers just finished!

JRS Hammers Batch 6-10-21.jpg

Just in ... some great new Mountain Dulcimers
You can see them by
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Just uploaded - a brief tour of the shop to see the Nine Hammer Dulcimers currently in progress!

*Never Before Available*

Personalized Audio & Visual

"Interactive Tour" of any  instrument currently in inventory at Song of the Wood!  And what will this experience cost ... as much of your time as you care to spend with me.


Contact me at my studio to schedule our time together.  828-301-1622

"Spring Fling"

Song of the Wood's Awesome Hammered Dulcimer Sale!

It's been almost 2 1/2 years since I moved out of Black Mountain.  Then neighbor issues (because I moved everything home!), then Covid, then layoffs, then Politics ... well ... you know!  

So over the last months ... and years ... I've had to readjust (to put it mildly).  I've been collecting "trade in's" for consignment.  Zach and I have been building like crazy and now it's time to share.

We have new and used Hammered Dulcimers from $215.00 to around $7000.00 ... from several different builders including us!  Today we're gathering, dusting off, tuning, appraising and considering how to rearrange my website so you can look around and see if anything meets your fancy!

Today is March 22nd, it's Spring and it's time to think about our musical gardens.  What might we "plant" ... so that we can sow and eventually reap so that we might Bless this awesome Creation we have inherited.

 Jerry Read Smith


Hammered Dulcimers!

JRS Professional Introductory "Compass" Models
(15/15 and 15/15/9 Bridge Configuration)
Extended Compass 
JRS Professional Introductory "Navigator" Models
(19/19 and 2/19/19/9 Bridge Configurations)
Navigator 1021.jpg
Extended Navigator Chromatic 
JRS-EbonyBlackNavigator - Full.jpg
JRS Professional Introductory "Explorer" Model
(2/22/22/12 Bridge Configuration)
Extended Explorer Chromatic
1046 Full.jpg

JRS Professional Performance Models

 "Concertmaster" and "Grande Concertmaster"

(2/19/18 or19/9 and 2/22/21 or 22/12 Bridge Configurations)

Grande Concertmaster

Since 1975 Jerry Read Smith has been building some of the most sought after hammered dulcimers in the industry.  Each dulcimer is beautifully handcrafted with care and precision calling upon Jerry's 46 years of experience and taking into account each player's individual desires, creating a one-of-a-kind instrument that both looks and sounds beautiful.  Jerry's desire is for each of these heirlooms to live "beyond the norm."

For inquiries or to be placed on the list for a new hammered dulcimer, call or email Jerry at 828-301-1622 or  He'll be happy to "meet" you and discuss the possibilities.