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The Workshop

*Please know that Song of the Wood and Jerry Read Smith are available for appraisals, repairs, restorations, upgrades and resales of your Hammered Dulcimer!  Don't go it alone ... work with someone who knows what he's doing ... and he's not all that hard to get along with either!  All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I have been designing and crafting primarily Hammer Dulcimers for over 43 years now.  I started building in a basement workshop I set up in a house I rented back in the early 70's.  The house sat on 3 acres of land with streams in both the front and back yard.  I drove a little Toyota Corolla station wagon I had traded for a Hammer Dulcimer, heated the house with  wood and paid the "outrageous" sum of $60 a month for rent (for 5 years!).  I was forced to move my workshop to my showrooms present location in the summer of 1980 when I couldn't afford to buy the house .   They were asking $20,000 and I couldn't imagine borrowing that much money.  It's ironic but, after moving out, I ended up investing $10,000 in my first recording "The Strayaway Child." That turned out to be a far "wiser" decision.  Not "my" wisdom ... I might add!

JRS -Shop (2).jpg

About 25 years ago, after a long and delightful journey, I realized a long-held dream ... to get my workshop ... "back home."  My workshop is now just a few steps outside my front door ... up through the Rhododendron and Oaks. 


If you are headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Asheville/Black Mountain area and would like to visit my musical instrument workshop, it's only a short 20 minute drive from the showroom.  There is a good chance I can accommodate a visit if you call and make an appointment in advance.  I enjoy giving tours of my shop and sharing my experiences with wood, acoustics, tools and instrument making.  I certainly don't know everything about these subjects but I love discussing ... and ...  I've learned some very interesting things from my guests.  So ... please ... don't be a stranger!

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