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The tuning wrench is an essential tool for the tuning process for your hammered dulcimer or psaltery. These tuning wrenches will fit a standard 3/16" Zither pin, including any Hammered Dulcimer, Harpsicle Harp, Bowed Psaltery, or Plucked Psaltery we sell in our store (folks with a Dusty Strings Harp - we recommend getting a Dusty Strings T-wrench directly from them.)


The basic black gooseneck wrench is the most ecomonic option ($9.50).  It has a square tip, which provides a little bit of "wiggle room" on the pin, but gets the job done!  These wrenches are included with our Custom Plucked Psaltery packages and our Bowed Psalteries.


The T-wrench ($19) and wooden handle gooseneck ($25) wrenches are star-tipped, which provides a more snug fit on the pin.  With the T-wrench, you can turn the pin from directly above, and the T provides torque on both sides.  The wooden handle gooseneck allows the player to tune more from the side.  One option isn't better or worse than the other here - it's a personal choice!


*Generally speaking, these will work for Hammered Dulcimers, Bowed Psalteries, Plucked Psalteries, and many Celtic Harps, Autoharps, and Zithers.  These will not work on pianos, or an instrument with a different size Zither pin.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tuning Wrenches

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