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Songbird Fledgling (One String per Course) with Limited Edition Canvas Bag 11-22
  • Songbird Fledgling (One String per Course) with Limited Edition Canvas Bag 11-22

    The Fledgling dulcimers we have in stock and available for purchase today are finished with a Natural top and come with a limited edition canvas bag instead of the corrugated cardboard case. If you would prefer to order one without the canvas bag, please contact us.


    From Songbird Dulcimers:


    "The Fledgling is a hammered dulcimer designed especially for kids since they have been ignored in the dulcimer world until now! There is one string per course, so there are only 17 strings to keep in tune and it has a clear, sweet sound. It stays in tune with itself remarkably well so needs tuning seldom.



    • 9/8 meaning 9 strings on the treble, 8 strings on the bass
    • 11” x 31 1/2”
    • Weighs only 6 pounds
    • American made softwood ply top and back
    • Frame is Maple
    • One string per course, 17 total strings makes tuning quick and simple!
    • Comes with book, note strips, hammers, tuning wrench, and dowel (to be used as a table top stand)
    • Comes with a canvas envelope style case with handle
    • Follow along in our book with our very own YouTube instruction videos
    • Note strips and book make it so easy for kids (and adults) to learn to play the hammered dulcimer!


    You Can Learn With Easy Book, Note Strip System

    To go with the dulcimer, we have produced an easy to understand book with basic instruction (this is a dulcimer, this is what it does, this is how it works, etc.). There are also simple tunes in the book, each written with an easy to understand color and number based tablature system that match up to removable note strips under the bridges. The note names on the bass bridge are in black, the right side of the treble are in red, and the left side of the treble are in green.


    This makes the dulcimer a self teacher for kids. You won’t need to help them (except maybe with tuning), or even know anything about the dulcimer yourself. We also want to add that this dulcimer is meant for kids of all ages. You don’t have to be a kid to play this instrument! It is simply built with the beginner in mind.


    As a note: If you want a dark green or red color, the colors on the note strips will not stand out as they do against the other colors we’ve chosen.


    Follow Along With Our YouTube Videos

    Each tune is also played on a YouTube video slowly and clearly so the kids can hear and see. The tune videos are easy to access as there is a QR code on each page. Just scan the code and it takes you right to the proper playlist. The basic instruction in the book is also repeated on fun, kid friendly videos also with QR codes.


    4 Fun Colors To Choose From

    For now, we have decided to keep Periwinkle, Pink, Sky Blue, and Yellow as our main color choices. As we learn what everyone likes best, this may change. If you have a special color you might be interested in, let us know. We might be able to do it. We have done Lilac and Mint Green that both worked well, and we can easily do them (for $20 extra). We’ve included pictures of them so you can see.


    Finally a Hammered Dulcimer for Kids!

    We are proud and excited about the Fledgling! Nothing like it has ever been done for kids, and we think they will get lots of good out of it. They want to play music just like any of us, but there have been too many barriers into the hammered dulcimer world, till now! The Fledgling complete system takes that away. Get one for your kids or grandkids! They’ll love it. Or get some for your neighbor kids. They might eventually turn out to be great players. It could transform their lives!


    (Adults can play it too!)


    The basic package contains the single string dulcimer in your choice of the 4 colors plus, hammers, tuning wrench, table top or floor stand dowel, note strips, book, and custom box/case. If you want, you can add the backpack case made right here at Songbird for an extra $125 (case color may vary)."


    *If out of stock in the showroom you may still order and we will have one drop shipped directly to you from Songbird Dulcimers. The wait time varies between a couple of days and about a month. Please contact us if you need a more specific current estimate.

    • Accessories to Consider

      Hammered Dulcimer Stand

      Snark Chromatic Tuner

      Hammered Dulcimer Instruction Book

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