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Snark Chromatic Tuner

Snark Chromatic Tuner

One of the most critical aspects of playing and enjoying an acoustic stringed instrument is the tuning.  Being beautifully "in tune" makes practicing, performing and listening immeasureably more enjoyable.  The more strings you have to tune, the more challenging this task can be. The hammered dulcimer Jerry plays spans 5 octaves and has 93 strings.  That's a lot of tuning. These little battery powered fully chromatic tuners make the process of getting to perfect pitch a breeze.  Once the tuner is turned on and you play any note, the tuner will show you what note you are playing on a brilliant full color screen.  It will also show you exactly how far "flat" or "sharp" you are to being perfectly "in tune."  As you tune the string the screen will indicate when you come into perfect tune,  and bingo!  You're there.

The tuner attaches to your instrument with a spring loaded rubberized clip.  It determines the pitch through vibration which means you can even tune in a noisy room.  This tuner also has a valuable pitch calibration feature.  You can set concert A anywhere from 416 Hz to 465 Hz.  International standard pitch is A-440 Hz.  It also has a visual metronome to work on your tempo.

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