This is a pack of 12 songs for our standard size Plucked Psalteries (not Custom).  Just like the pack of song sheets that come with our Plucked Psalteries, these sheets just slide underneath the strings are you're ready to play!  We've got music packs that cover a wider variety of genres and tastes, and are different songs from the pack included with our psalteries.


Keep in mind these music packs are made to fit our standard size Plucked Psalteries, and may not fit a plucked psaltery purchased elsewhere.


The complete list includes:

Celtic, Children's Favorites, Christmas I, II and III, Classical, Folk I and II, Gospel I and II, Hymns I and II, Irish Folk, Old Favorites I, II and III, Old West, Patriotic, Romance, and Blank.

Music Packs for the Standard Plucked Psaltery