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Mountain Dulcimer Capo

Mountain Dulcimer Capo

You've probably heard of capos for the guitar.  It makes playing in different keys much easier!  Well, this mountain dulcimer capo works in much the same way.  It will fit on most mountain dulcimers and gives the player the ability to do things not easily attainable any other way.  These capos are made of high quality materials such as hardwood, brass and hard rubber.  Wood type/color will vary.


This is a very handy accessory for any mountain dulcimer player.  It can open new musical possibilities!  We include an instruction sheet for attaching the capo, as well as a handy chart showing where to attach the capo for which keys.


*Please note:  This capo opens to accomodate fretboard widths of about 1 5/8".  While it works for the Mountain Dulcimers we sell, it may not work for yours!  Contact us with inquiries.

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