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Hammered Dulcimer Infinite Possibilities DVD

Hammered Dulcimer Infinite Possibilities DVD

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Jamie says:  "In this video you will find a wealth of information that will make you a more proficient and exciting player.  I will show you the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the Hammered Dulcimer, opening up to you the infinite possibilities of music making on this incredible instrument.  The information contained in this video is essential to any player, from the beginner to the professional."  Topics include:

  • Hammer techniques
  • Rudiments
  • Rolls
  • Finding all the major and minor chords and scales
  • Improvisation
  • Soloing over a chord progression
  • Tips for playing live
  • Odd time signatures
  • Advanced rhythmic techniques
  • Advice for the professional

This DVD is 1 hour and 12 minutes long but will provide you with months ... if not years ... of material to work on!


If you can master the techniques and skills in this video ... you'll need to retire from your day job ... or get an unlisted phone number!

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