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Dulcimer Chord Book

Dulcimer Chord Book

SKU: Hellman - Book

Neal has provided charts showing over 500 chords on the mountain dulcimer, and where each finger should go!  He concentrates on 5 widely used modes of Mixolydian, Ionian, Lydian, Dorian & Aeolian.  He even includes "jazz" and 4 string chromatic tunings.  Learn to utilize and incorporate the chords into your own technique, and to play with others.  Expand your knowledge of the dulcimer and add new dimensions to your versatility as a player.  He explains what "modes" are and goes over "transposition" and different tunings.  The book comes in a special "case size" format!

Neal has been a delightful force in the mountain dulcimer community for the last 40 years.  He is the owner and chief bottle washer of Gourd Music based out of Santa Cruz, California!

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