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A Rudimental Approach to the Hammered Dulcimer, Vol. 1

A Rudimental Approach to the Hammered Dulcimer, Vol. 1

SKU: Humphries - Book

Rudiments are the building blocks of rhythm.  A foundational sense of rhythm and the ability to perform certain rhythmic patterns makes playing the hammered dulcimer much easier and more satisfying.  As you study and practice these rudiments you will remove the guesswork from your playing so that you can focus on the music rather than the technical aspects such as "which hand should I use here?" or "why won't my hands do what I want them to do?"  Stephen will teach you:

  • The Single Stroke Roll
  • The Multiple Stroke Roll
  • The Double Stroke Roll
  • The Five Stroke Roll
  • The Nine Stroke Roll
  • The Single Paradiddle
  • The Flam
  • The Drag (or Ruff)

He gives exercises for moving paradiddles, scales in contrary motion, ascending triads in octaves, wwitching lead hands, variations over chords, inserting flams, inserting drags, valley roll variations and more!

Stephen is wonderful percussionist who has created his own approach to the hammered dulcimer.  His playing may look impossible and effortless...and it's because he has mastered the rudiments!

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