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2 Octave Left-Handed Cherry Bowed Psaltery #4077
  • 2 Octave Left-Handed Cherry Bowed Psaltery #4077

    This is a 2 octave bowed psaltery with a Cherry soundboard with Walnut accents.  The back, rails, and pinblock is formed from a single piece of Rock Maple. This instrument ranges from G (above middle C) up to G (two octaves above middle C.)  This bowed psaltery comes complete with an adjustable horsehair bow, tuning wrench, bow rosin, tuning chart, extra wire and an instruction and care booklet.


    Cases are available. Please contact us if you are interested in one.

    • Accessories to Consider:

      Cordura Nylon Bowed Psaltery Case

      Custom Song of the Wood Bowed Psaltery Wall Hanger

      Snark Chromatic Tuner

      String Care Kit - Blitz Cloth

      Additional Bow

      Bowed Psaltery Instruction Book

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