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With all the "bad news" in the World today ...

I am so grateful that we are Sons and Daughters of the Creator who does not instill within us a spirit of fear ... but rather ... His Spirit of Confidence and Freedom from fear. Let us walk in that confidence Brothers and Sisters knowing that His Word so beautifully rendered in Romans Chapter 8 ... is The TRUTH. All Praise to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ... Amen!


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Happy Mother's Day Moms!

God just revealed yet another thing today. He's just like that ... you know. I live to learn. I live to appreciate truth, art, hard work ... the coming of The Kingdom ... and it IS coming ... now.

Thank you Caroline and Brandon ...

So loving this body ... my body, the body of Jesus ... Our Body ... "it's only about the blood." Amen

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Mar 12, 2020

AMEN!!! The Holy Spirit gives great peace and assurance as the world stirs around us in confusion and discord. What a truly magnificent gift to have the indwelling Spirit who always nurtures our sense of belonging and reminds us of all that Jesus wants us to know and remember. As God's children, we have no cause to fear.

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