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September 21, 2018

Just got back from a great trip to NE Ohio.  Took Dick to lunch. I had another lunch the next day with Bob (an old friend from church) at a cool restaurant that had motorcycles hanging from the ceiling.  Talked with John at his house discussing mainly the 4 dogs he was "sitting."  Hung out with Wade and Jim at Wade's beautiful farm at Brandywine Falls.  Met with Mark the financial guy for the first time about my Mom's estate.  Dinner the last night at Zeppy's (our favorite Italian restaurant in Hudson) with Dick that was just ... a super "bonding" time!  Lot's of laughter and a few tears. What a trip.  So anyway ... I just got back home tonight.  As I crested Sam's Gap and saw the ridgeline from Mitchell to Craggy and ... beyond ... I thanked my Father for His provision ... for me ... for US.  Listening tonight to Crowder and Wilcox primarily.  So glad to be home.  It's a nice spot.  Maybe you should visit again ... take some time ... to take it in.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow's hike up the mountain.  Back soon!

Love these guys and can't wait to see what they're up to.  It's a little hardcore ... but, then, I grew up in the 60's!

Here's an older one from SF ... it's raw, wild and true.  I really hope they come back to Asheville.  I'd hold a private BBQ on my deck ... all expenses paid.  Love to get to know these guys ... they're rockin' the Kingdom:

One last one for tonight with Crowder.  A little "down-home" music for YOU:


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