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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

January 21, 2017

What a "renewing" walk this AM.  Now I'm back in my Workshop where I spend ... let's see ... maybe 45 hours a week.  Gosh ... back before I fell in love and got married to Lisa I probably spent .... oh .. 13 hours most days ... so maybe 70 hours a week.  I must be doing something right because even though my energy is waning my "dad" continues to "implore" me to ... work!  Ok ... he doesn't actually "beg" ... it's really more of a loving nudge.  It's kind of funny how he does it.  He'll provide me with some, seemingly, random thought.  Then ... he, kind of, leaves me to wrestle with it.  You know ... good? ... bad? ... usefull? ... useless?  So there you go ... I'm back in the Workshop.  As my friend Don and I often lament (although it's mostly Warren who does the "weeping") ... it's a good thing we aren't trying to make our livings at golf ... if we did ... we'd all be living in vans ... down by the river!  I wish I could somehow convey to you how much I love this life.  Building these "crazy" instruments ... taking a ride up the ridge to the various peaks ... quietly enjoying the fruits of near anonymity.  Somehow I knew all those many years back ... when Chet said ... play something ... something inside me said ... don't play too good ... I'll explain later!  Man ... that was one awesome day.  So now I live by that good, useful voice ... although sometimes ... it's still a bit of a wrestling match.

January 21, 2017

I love Satriani ... so I'm guessing he must have been aware of this guy ... back in the day.  Maybe even Eddie and Stevie Ray too.  I can't believe the camera work down the neck.  Wow ... they were doing that way back when?  Where was I?  Oh, wait, I remember now ... in the Workshop.

January 21, 2017

Boy, do I love this song.  She's doing that Dan Fogelberg "harmony" thing.  Then she transposes to another piece ... voice over ... gosh I'd love to meet that producer.  Could be Brown ... not sure.  So thankful that she found exactly who she needed ... when she needed them.  Oh ... and "Gratitude" is good too.  "The differences between what we want and what we really need."January 22, 2017So I'm hanging out on an overcast Sunday ... quiet ... yes, a little lonely ... no TV to watch football (that's ok) when I "sense" my Father whisper to my heart ... "Why don't you take a walk?"  Now that is not remotely unusual ... it's just that it came at an unusual time ... for me.  It's daylight.  So ... off I went ... wondering what to expect ... a little blue!  First off I "found" a path I've never totally explored.  It's total forest.  So far so good.  With the soft pine needles under my feet and the scrawly Rhododendron and mosses making the whole thing extra magical ... I trundled up the mountain.  I began to feel my "burden" lift.  I began to "fall" into His presence ... the place I desire to be all the time.  So I'm thinking why can that not always be so?  I mean ... I know I am ... but I don't always "feel" Him.  It reminds me of an image David mirrors with his lyrics ... "then the movie's over and we're back out on the street ... it rained while we were in there so it shimmers at our feet."  Except ... this was the reverse.  So now ... I'm in the movie and my imagination is the producer ... and, oh, how I love the scene.  Yes ... there's music ... it's an unlikely scenario ... but that's what makes my walk so unexpectedly glorious.  And now I'm wondering ... where did the "blue" go ... and I sensed Him say ... "finish the production."  And I responded ... but it's only my imagination.  And He said ... that's always been my finest work.

January 23, 2017

I've said here on these "pages" how much I love Joe Walsh ... and how delighted I was when he joined "The Eagles."  I have never seen this clip until just now.   Thank you Joe ... for EVERYTHING ... you've done ... but, especially, playing your guitar .... by the grace of YOU KNOW WHO!

January 23, 2017

I've said before that this is my favorite American Band of all time.  They prove it here, at least, for me ...  If you have speakers ... listen.  I've said before that I hate Don Felder left ... but this new guy is good ... and, of course, Joe!

January 26, 2017

Just spoke with Mom.  She is so incredible.  She loves me.  

So ... great day.  Listening to Dave tonight as I negotiate ... necessary things.  Here's the link for ... good music.  Miss him:  I think you'll ... get it!

January 26, 2017

So I remember the day I first heard this song.  It almost stopped my heart because of how "real" it was ... because of how close I felt to our Father ... 

I just found this link.  Ok ... I understand that it might "turn you off" ... so, if it does, I apologize the the link:

January 29, 2017

I have finally reached the point that I want to play music with new friends.   I'm ready to work with every ounce of my energy to that end.  Thankfully, Zachary, Jo Ann, Heather, Lorraine and Jerry C. are stepping up to the plate to afford me the time I'll need to prepare myself.  I have a few teachers in mind.  I hope they'd like to visit me ... jam a little in Perelandra, hang out on the deck ... and see if we might be able to "cobble" somethng together that is ... just a little different.  I know the folks I'd like to recruit.  Unfortunately ... I think all of them have "agents" so that could be a problem.  Ok ... back to my practice!

January 30, 2017

Well ... after a very long wait ... I think Winter has finally arrived!!!!!!!!  It is very cold and snow has fallen.  This will be one of those unusual days, at least for me, where I actually start my wood fire in the house .... in the morning!  Usually I can get by by making coffee and then just heading up to the Workshop.  I often don't worry about a fire until the evening.  Today I will allow myself the luxury of "cranking" that baby up in the AM ... yaaaaaaaaaay!  Just for fun I sometimes ask folks to guess my favorite seasons "in order" from favorite to least favorite.  I do appreciate all the seasons but my order of preference might come as a surprise to some folks.  I don't think I've ever had anyone guess correctly.  My favorite is Autumn.  Next is Winter ... that's where most folks stumble.  Then it's Spring ... and lastly Summer.  Maybe if I'd grown up a beach boy like my buddy Don (you can just call him "the doctor!") my favorite would be Summer like it is for him.  But I grew up near the Finger Lakes of Western New York ... so there you go.  I think it's so cool how God makes us all different so we have the opportunity to appreciate each other.  I hope your day is warm and "comfy" like mine will be today.  Praise Him please and ... hey ... why not write a song?


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