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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

September 16, 2018

Great song ... great video and audio ... great message.  "We" are lions:

Is there any other way ... than to ... follow ... Our Lord?  You think you can make "the way" ... think again.  Surrender and ... be free.  Sing forever more to the Glory of Our King ... Emmanuel:

September 16, 2018 Really love these two in Perelandra.  I think they'd enjoy the evening ... I KNOW I would .......

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One more ...

Ann's vocals have only gotten better over the years. Nancy is on an electric. Recording is digital ... video HD.

Just found this tonight ...

I saw these guys when I was in the Air Force stationed in Columbus, Ohio at Lockbourne. I'm reminiscing (sp?) tonight. Memories are so much fun ... even mine way back in the 60's. In case you ever