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March 3, 2018Good day here.  Got a fire in the fireplace tonight.  Worshipping with Will Reagan & Brandon Hampton and an evening recorded a little over a year ago.  Just found it.  Just now ... only listening to the fan pushing the warm air from the fire into my living space ... and being grateful for the quiet moments I am so fortunate to enjoy.  Life is so precious.  We breath, imagine, dream, work and rest.  It goes by so fast ... and yet ... if we take the time ... it slows to where we can "see" and appreciate the gift we've been given.  My prayer tonight is that YOU know the one who created you ... and ... that you make time ... to slow down to appreciate YOUR gift of life.  If you do that ... your life will be ... forever.  Amen.March 5, 2018Oh my ... restringing a '92 JRS 18/17 tonight ... listening to YouTube.  Came across the guys I saw "back in the day" at Blossom Music Center wth the first concert I ever heard in Quadrophonic Sound.  So here is Pink Floyd David Gilmore so many years hence.  He's singing music relevant .... today ... just like it was yesterday.  Comfortably Numb, Wish you were Here, Run Like Hell.  Here's a link in case you'd like to reminesce ...

Carry on ... keep searching ... the Truth is all around us.March 19, 2018

So the last several weeks have been difficult ... dealing with lawyers, doctors, etc. trying to help my Mom ... and ending in disappointment.  And yet ... He who has commanded all things to work together for good ... in the end ... gives me peace.  I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven that has left no stone unturned for the better.  What an awesome source of comfort in difficult times.  And, please don't misunderstand me here, my "troubles" pale in comparison to so many incalculable troubles all over the globe.  Our Father still prevails ... as do we who believe ... in the end ... maybe not so much, seemingly, in the meantime!  Anyway ... I love this band and was "finally" moved to post tonight.  I hope you can enjoy:

March 28, 2018Getting ready for two "back to back" sold out Concerts with Ted Yoder Friday and Saturday here at Perelandra.  Gosh ... this is going to be so much fun.  I hope you're here.  So ... I'm practicing my golf swing in the "simulator" I built for a break from cleaning and organizing my house and studio for the Concerts.  It's lots of fun "playing" these differest golf courses.  I can take unlimited mulligans!!!!  Anyway ... I'm listening to my current favorite Worship group.  Thank you Lord for YouTube.  Here's the link:  That would have been one awesome night in Sacramento!  I pray your heart is fixed on the TRUTH.March 28, 2018I think Natalie Grant is coming back after her surgery ... better than ever ... and that's saying something!  Just came across this tonight ... and I LOVE it. 14, 2018Listening tonight to "Worship and Believe" by SCC.  Holding my breath for my Mom ... who's breath is shortening.  The hope she has given me ... I now cling to ... as she ... retreats from communication.   She gave me a faith unmeasureable by any standard.  She has lived that faith ... not by "preaching" .... but by example.  She has exemplified LOVE.  She gave that to ME.  By my measure I have been undeserving ... but she has never once ... not encouraged me ... to LOVE.  So ... I will continue to look for those who write and sing about ... that hope ... my Mom knows ... even now as she approaches her final shore.  Jesus walked on that water ... that we might not drown ... but be lifted to LIFE.  Amen!April 18, 2018I guess I'm old.  I guess I'm a little behind the times.  But I must say ... that's OK.  I just found this tonight in Worship ...  

Thank you Michael.  So happy to share.May 2, 2018Hello friends.  Well ... it's been a bit of a battle ... but my Mom finally passed into Glory on Earth Day just before midnight.  Her suffering is over.  The "battle" continues for those "left behind."  We ... who believe ... are destined for that Glory.  It is, in fact, perfect Peace when we are reunited with our Creator ... for all eternity.  In the meantime ... we are "called" to uphold The Truth.  It might not be convenient ... or socially acceptable ... or easy ... but there is a "battle" we are engaged in whether we can "see" it or not.  We have One Father, One Son, and One Spirit.  So ... let us rise, eh!  My dad used to say when he threw me into the lake ... "sink ... or swin."  So I learned to ... swim.  That whole "sinking thing" would have greatly disturbed my Mom!  RIP Caroline Watkins Charles Smith ... period.  Jo Ann and I love you more than we could ever convey.  But ... we know ... you knew!May 7, 2018There is a lot of "bad news" today.  But there is very "good news" ... not just today ... but every day.  Here's something I just came across ... today.  It will still be TRUE ... in a thousand years: 7, 2018One more for tonight after some good wings with friends:  Reminds me of "Dive" many years back (almost 20 now).  I love that everyone's singing ... writing ... proclaiming.  This is FUN!


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