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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

August 16, 2016

Well ... here I am again ... up.  Some of my friends say it's early while others say it's late.  Actually ... I believe that they are both right.  It's been a rather stressful week for me .... looking here and seeing this, looking there and seeing that.  Kinda sounds like the evening news.  Zachary is back.  I didn't quite realize how much I missed him until today.  I mean ... I was very happy to see him but yesterday was unusually confusing for me.  Maybe it's just the lack of sleep.  Maybe I need a "cause" to keep me more grounded.  My step-dad made it home from the hospital last night.  They say he has a couple of blocked arteries.  He says that they're going to just go with medication ... this time.  What really amazed me was his attitude.  He said that he's really quite happy with that decision ... and assured me that he feels good.  He's a pretty amazing guy ... for a Step-Father!  Love.

August 17, 2016

Good day ... if two, yes two ... not one car ... having troubles.  Might have to dust off the Schwinn ... my new one has a motor.  So like all the video's connected with Narnia ... this one's great as well.  Another Switchfoot:

August 21, 2016

I probably shouldn't say things like here's my favorite this or that .... who ... where ... whatever.  Ok ... so I'm opinionated.  I don't think that's a bad thing although I would agree that we (I) need to be judicial in those opinions.  My dad taught me to swim by positioning himself about 6 or 8 feet out from the end of our dock.  He told me to run and jump into the water and he'd be there to catch me.  Off I went ... full speed ... into the air ... down into the water ... down ... down .... then, up ... like crazy ... I mean where was my DAD?  He was right there ... watching his boy learn ... to swim.  And, he did embrace me and help a very "stunned" young 7 or 8 year old back to the dock.  So I guess it was maybe a of couple years later when I did what we all wanted to do if you lived near Silver Lake, New York ... I swam "the lake."  1/2 mile across and, for all I knew, maybe 2 or 3 miles deep!  Oh ... we did have one of those "sea monsters" who lived there although I don't think anybody ever got a totally clear photo of him.  So ... here's my favorite acoustic guitar player:

August 27, 2016

So ... on my walk up the mountain early this AM in the starry quarter moon silence ... I was moved to post this today.  I'm sure many of you don't really know me so maybe this will help you get a picture of who I am.  I have to admit that Morgan Potts did a really good job in, what I had hoped, would focus on the magical nature of the instrument I have spent the last 41 years of my life "discovering."  I feel pretty young so, hopefully, I'll have a few more years to continue to "create!"  Here's the link:  May your day be blessed.

August 27, 2016

If I ever get married again ... which, admittedly, seems unlikely ... this is my request for the first dance ...

August 27, 2016One last post for today ...

One of my absolute all time favorites ...

and ... I'm tryin'

September 5, 2016

Almost 30 years ago now ... I came back to my house on Blueberry Lane and found David at the top of the stairs.  It had been a really hard couple of days for me and I was pretty tired ... but I ambled up the stairs and sat just below him where he was sitting with his guitar.  Now ... he'd been trying to write a song for me to end the album we were working on at the time.  After some minutes ... he said ... "I have a new song" ... and I said ... can you play it for me.  And he did.  And I cried ... and he knew ... that that was what I had been waiting for.  That was an exhilerating moment for me ... although he looked somewhat "timid" once he'd finished.  So we finished the project ... the rest is his story.  Here's a song many years down the road ... that is a really big part of my story.  Thank you David.

September 16, 2016

Well ... my walk up the mountain this AM was "unusual."  It was very, very quiet.  Normally I'm bombarding "myself" with questions, ideas, pleas to "Dad" ... etc.  But ... this morning ... I was unusually quiet.  The nearly full moon was somewhat veiled in clouds with only an occasional star visible.  No flashlight needed although I had a couple of minor stumbles ... no damage done!  So ... as I was nearing the top of my climb ... just before 5:00 ... a cognitive thought finally materialized.  Maybe I should "live stream" part of the Perelandra experience.  I am hosting a Concert next weekend.  I'll need to ask Stephen and Jesse if they'd be into it ... and the audience too ... and I'd have to figure out how to do it.  I think I can do it on Facebook.  So there's my new project.  I'm kind of excited!!!  I had some other amazing thoughts as I neared home ... I hope I can tell you .... someday.

September 16, 2016One last post for today.

September 25, 2016

So usually I write after a walk up the mountain with my Dad!  Ok ... this is unusual.  I'm listening to music and remembering years gone by.  About 11 or so back I was "stuck" on a production that left me "speechless."  I think that was the author's intent.  But ... after a time I felt like I would like something new (not the Beatle's).  I found a name I had heard a few weeks previous ... she had a CD ... I listened and before the first chorus ended I ... knew ... I had to hear more.  So ... tonight I'm listening to a declaration ... being renewed ... thankful that after being at a loss for words ... he found a bunch.  Thanks please, again, to Brown.  I'm prayin' for the day ... and maybe ... a cup of coffee!


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