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January 29, 2018 I say again ... it's so good to be home.  I'm feeling remarkably free tonight.  Worshiping witih old fav's like Casting Crowns in particular.  What a fabulous musical collaboration.  Great band .... and "live" ... close to perfection indeed.  Seen them a few times and I recommend them without reservation if they come close to you.  Letting go of long held hopes ... maybe ... desires to "fall" deeper into my Father's arms.  Maybe a little like Paul ... without "complications."  I'm thoroughly excited about the days to come ... not knowing at all what to expect.  No worry ... no fear ... only expectation to see how "The Kindgdom" continues to "come together."  What an awesome time to be "alive."  Can I get an amen?

January 29, 2018 So here's one I was just listening to:

Words ... chords, harmonies are worth the time ... if you have ... the time.  If you do ... close your eyes.

January 29, 2018 One more for tonight ... and this is good.  Amanda Cook and Bethel Miusic.  Enjoy ... please:

February 2, 2018 I just had Poblano peppers ... and a glass of Cab in my hotel room.  Great day here in Summit County trying to protect my Mom.  Lot of good folks helping me here ... tonight ... and in prayers around the globe ... as we do ... for one another.  As I listen tonight to ... all my favorites I'm more convinced than ever that it is music ... that God himself will use to unite the true church.  As tears run down my face for the Kingdom ... I bow and give thanks.  I hope you do as well.  God Bless all the children of the "Risen King."

February 2, 2018 So here's one for tonight ... as "we" worship:

February 2, 2018 Just one more ... oh how I love Hillsong Worship ... the whole crew.  I will leave ya'll with this for tonight.  I hope you can sing ... at the top of your lungs for this incredible truth.  If you can't sing ... just close your eyes and ... let them sing and play ... for YOU ... because that is their sincerest desire.

February 2, 2018 Ok ... I so love Phil Collins ... Solisbury Hill and all.  Just came across this before falling into dreamland tonight:  Awesome:

February 3, 2018 Home safely.  Couldn't have been a better trip to Mom's.  Things aligned.  Worshiping now with Katie Torwalt and Amanda Cook ... among others.  So grateful.  So expectant.  So ... "lifted."  Got YouTube "cranked" up as I reheat a Poblano Pepper and beans from last nights hotel order to go.  Fire in the fireplace ... really looking forward to my walk up the mountain tomorrow morning.  Spoke with Mom to let her know I got back safely ... with the help of Amy at Altercare of the Western Reserve.  I'm ... free.  You'll have to "google" or ... call ... or visit to know more.  Rise!!!!!!!!!!

February 3, 2018 Ok ... I mentioned Phil Collins and "Solisbury Hill" ... so here 'tis ... for YOU ... if you're paying attention.  This really was a game changer ... back in the day:

February 4, 2018 Well ... the next two movies I'd like to see are "Isle of Dogs" and "Early Man."  Can't wait.  So I don't think I've ever posted this before ... but if I have ... so be it!  Anyway ... I love the song and I really like the visuals they've put together.  I'm thinking my friend John Wooley would love this.  I hope he sees it at some point.  Before I give you the link ... I just want to pass along the "conversation" I had with Our Father this AM in the freezing rain up the mountain for 2 hours.  It was mostly along the lines of ... I love how the true church is drawing members "out" of their particular denominations ... into "The Body."  In my years I have been a member of 7 different denominations.  I left each ... seeking the "true church."  Then ... mysteriously ... I found it ... outside the walls.  I think those walls ... certainly well meaning ... serve as incubators ... until we are ready to walk ... on our own with Our Father ... and meet each other.  No more hand holding ... no more training wheels.  Outside the "rules" ... the denominational necessities ... there is FREEDOM in Christ alone!  So ... all these musical links I post are the choir leaders.  I know ... if you consider them all you could be thinking ... what???  Jesus is reckless.  Reckless for YOU.  Anyway ... I hope you like this link:


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