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January 10, 2018 Mom's in the ER tonight.  Prayers. January 11, 2018 Spoken with Mom twice today.  She sounds very weak.  I think she's tired ... of battling.  I've never ... heard her like ... this!  I'm so glad Jo Ann is with her.  I've called a friend or two who could visit ... now that Dick's "control" is slipping ... away.  Praise God Almighty.  So ... I Worship again today ... like every day.  This lifted me and I was prompted to "post."  I pray my Mom can see this "transformation" ... she does believe ... more than anyone I've ever known.  The church she knows is rising ... she knows ... she's always known: January 11, 2018 Listening later.  Kristene DeMarco, Kim, Elevation, etc.   Still Worshipping.  What else can I do?  I'm a fool for YOU. January 12, 2018 Loving Jeremy Riddle and Bethel Church today.  It's happening everywhere you know ... all over this blessed planet.  The songs of His Love are rising ... by the children of the Living God.  I just have to say ... this is fun!  As I sing ... I hear so many others sing ... and we're all singing of the same risen Lord ... Jesus Christ.  Oh ... what a Savior ... what a Father ... what a Hope ... what a Promise.  Let's LIVE ... I mean, why not?  And maybe later ... we can go out "dancing." January 12, 2018 Ok ... here's a link: January 13, 2018 I just have to say ... "I can't wait to meet this guy."

Wow ... can he sing.  And ... testify. January 13, 2018 Beautiful ... January 13, 2018 Thanks Tommy ... for helping Nichole "hit it out of the park."  I hope I can work with you someday: January 13, 2018 I know ... I've posted this before.  Worshipping tonight ... just thought ... I'd "do it again" ...  This is just such a beautiful thing.  I can go to sleep now ... knowing ... we are singing ... tonight ... and forever.  God Bless all.  Sweet dreams. January 13, 2018 I love how they "hear" each other ... and support ... each other ... to create.  Ok ... I'm just thinking ahead ... sorry:

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