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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

November 14, 2017

Last one for tonight.  Still worshiping ... fragile ... exposed ... loving ... the One in Three:

November 20, 2017

My heart is nearly ... bursting ... as I sit here and wait for the Son to rise.  I am more convinced than ever that it is music that will usher Him Home as WE sing.  Yes ... there will be instruments ... and every voice will be lifted to join them ... to join US.  Well ... while I was writing this ... I just happened upon this "clip."  Gosh ... in a way ... it says more than I think I can say here.  I hope you give yourself the time to watch it:  Oh ... and one last thing for now ... if you are one of Our Father's blessed children who might think I'm crazy ... please know ... that's OK with me.  I'm in good company.

November 20, 2017

Sun's up ... looking good as far as I can tell.  This is worth the time:

November 20, 2017

Many years ago ... on my first trip to Nashville ... I sat down with Chet Atkins.  He asked me ... "who is your favorite guitar player" ... I told him of three ... but the last one I said ... is this new guy from England ... and he doesn't play with a pick.  Chet took me to lunch at, I think the first, "O Charley's" ... just a couple blocks from music row.   His name ... I said is ... Mark Knoffler.  So here I am ... many years later ... Chet has died.  Mark is still going.  So this is the guy ... playin' a "steel" many years hence:    I'm sure you can remember the "Sultans of Swing"  but ... I'm here to say ... that Mark still has things to say ... as I once told Chet.

November 20, 2017It's amazing to me how ... this is so true:

Thank you Tom.

November 22, 2017

Turkey thawing in the sink.  Decorating for my two "Christmas at Perelandra" Concerts next weekend.  I actually started telling a few close friends that it's been 5 1/2 years since my divorce and I think I might finally be ready to "date."  Whew ... that's kinda wierd ... I mean at 68 and counting.  Now I've already realized that I'm very content and happy alone.  After all ... I have my Father every day (and night) and the Holy Spirit ... so how can I complain.  And ... believe me .... I'm not!  But still ... to have someone close to share stories ... someone who is also "content" with themselves ... could be a blessing.  Ok ... now I'm probably saying too much.  Let me just close with ... I wish you all a most joyous and thankful Thanksgiving.  Love the Lord ... your God ... and take sufficient time to love the one(s) you're with!November 23, 2017

Been a good day so far.  I had plans.  They have been crumbling ever since.  I think it's probably better to be alone when the Holy Spirit really "grabs hold" ... that way I can't scare anyone.  Today started with a fine hike up the mountain.  Then I went shopping for a few things I'd forgotten to purchase yesterday.  I just finished french toast (with real butter and maple syrup) and, get this .... hot patty sausage.  Pretty good together.  I've had YouTube cranked up (again ... good to be alone) listening to a plethora of worship musicians filled with (I think) that pesky Spirit I was referring to earlier.  Good to know ... I'm not alone ... totally!  So ... I had intended to "decorate" for my upcoming Christmas Concerts.  Fortunately I did start that yesterday.  At this juncture I'm considering writing the whole darn day off as a "HOLY-DAY."  Wait ... I'm old ... maybe ... feeble ... oh my ... folks might believe that I just ran out of energy and decided to take a day off.  I mean ... I've been laying the groundwork for this "retirement" scam for a long time.  Yeh ... I think I'll go with that.  Time for my "bubble bath."

November 23, 2017

When I was a lot younger ... you know ... like last year ... I loved walking in the night with only a small flashlight in my pocket (which I rarely turned on).  Only a small portion of my walk is where I might encounter a car.  But ... I recently purchased an LED headlamp (thank you Sam's Club) ... and two Kelty hiking poles (thank you Frugal Backpacker) ... and I have to say that they both have kept me from "stumbling" ... at least so far.  I still prefer to turn the headlamp off so I can see the stars and such ... but those poles really "educate" my steps!  With the crinkling of the leaves under my feet in the forest ... and, I'm sure, the headlamp if I have it "on" ... Bear sightings have dwindled to a rarity indeed.  I don't like that part.  I just returned from my 2nd walk today and my heart is filled with thankfulness.  Today has been awash in prayer, music, worship and gratefulness.  This might be the very first Thanksgiving I've ever spent without someone's company.  You might think that I'd have been lonely ... but strangely ... no.  It was kind of weird in that way.  I've been very quiet ... mostly listening and praising Our Father, His Spirit and Son.  It's been remarkably ... well ... wonderful.  Listening to "Revelation Song" with Kari Jobe as I type.  Tomorrow someone is coming to pick up his brand new Grande Concertmaster.  I'm really looking forward to meeting him ... and introducing him to his new instrument.  It's been with me long enough and it's ready to ... go home.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and abundance and in want ... amen.

November 24, 2017

As far as I'm concerned I spent my youngest years in an amazing time.  I was fortunate to be in high school in the 60's.  There was an absolute "explosion" of unbelievable music.  This was one of my many favorites.  Performed here only a few years back ... with orchestra.  I always believed when he sings "I Love You" ... he was talking to the Lord.  Anyway ... I've listened to many, many "pop" musicians who I thought that about.  Maybe one day ... we'll all know the whole truth.  I hope you like this ... whether you're old enough to remember it when it first came out ... or ... not:

Ooh ... Brothers in Arms just came up with Dire Straits and Eric Clapton ... gotta go!

November 25, 2017

This morning it "dawned" on me that God, in His infinite wisdom, must love Bears even more than I do!  He created a time for them to bunker down and rest during the most dangerous and vulnerable time of the year regarding their safety ... the Winter.  In the forest ... you can see for hundreds of yards in the Winter where in the Summer that distance is reduced by ten fold.  Against the backdrop of golden brown leaves and silver gray tree trunks a Black Bear stands out ... vividly!  This morning I left just at sunrise to go up the mountain.  It was quite light for this walk.  About a mile and a half or so up the trail ... in a "quiet" stretch of mostly pine needles under my feet ... yep ... you may have guessed ... I saw very large, very plump, very black Bear ... oh, maybe 75 yards down the slope.  He, or She, stopped just as I did ... took a measured look at me and promptly turned to saunter away.  In the Spring or Fall but especially the Summer these Bears can look like "shadows."  You can't often tell if they're there ... or not!  I spent much of my remaining walk considering how God protects us.  He doesn't do it by protecting us, necessarily, from tragedy or misfortune.  Really ... He does it by "drawing" us near to Himself.  Sadly that often happens as a result of tragedy or misfortune.  In the midst of worldly toil and trouble ... He is our refuge ... and our strength.


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