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My Brother Craig told me about this ...

I am so Blessed. I love my church. We have a "small" local congregation that is the greatest assembly of Christ followers I have ever been associated with! This is a music video that is, most assuredly, Worship ... no matter what you might believe. The writer actually leads our team in South Carolina. This particular song is on his newest CD, I believe. I didn't know of him at all until maybe 2 months ago. I'm hoping he "drops in" to the Asheville campus and leads us some Sunday, or Wednesday, or anytime for that matter. If he does I'll certainly be there. Today Aaron and our local Worship team did this song right before the Sermon. Our current series is called "Battleground." I have been hoping they would tackle this particular song ever since I purchased Brandon's CD. In fact ... I mentioned to my friend Betty during the first song that I hoped our group would do this song soon. Lo and Behold ... they did it next. I sang ever word and when it was over I let out a "scream" or something! I was so happy, excited and fulfilled ... I couldn't help myself. I asked KB (she was onstage with the Worship team) after the service if she had heard my scream ... and she said ... Oh yes! I told her that I've been trying not to do that for the last 3 years at church. She said ... Oh, please don't hold back any more. I said ... Yes Ma'am. So, thank you Brandon, thank you Seacoast family, and, thank you Father for this assembly. Maybe I'll follow KB's encouraging direction from now on. Here's the video ... I hope you can Worship with me:


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Thank you Caroline and Brandon ...

So loving this body ... my body, the body of Jesus ... Our Body ... "it's only about the blood." Amen


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