Might you enjoy HONEST news?

You could be thinking ... wait a minute ... that's an oxymoron isn't it? Actually ... in mainstream sources ... I think I'd have to agree. But ... NOT HERE. Fasten your seat belts ... leave your "programmed" thought back at the door. This is absolute best, hopeful and most importantly ... truthful news. I've been checking in every day for the last couple years. Unusually ... dare I say ... almost "prophetic" ... ???? Never-the-less ... forget the hyperbole I surely hope you concur.

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Just getting "in the mood" to head over to Eddie Swann's. Found this for more than sufficient inspiration. I just love good friends from every corner sharing their gifts as they give us joy and help

Everyone who has a personal relationship with Our Creator ... can sing along with him and declare: "I'm Alive." Hallelujah!

I produced my first record over 40 years ago now. This song came out by the Alan Parsons Project almost exactly a year after I got my first car load of vinyls from the pressing plant on June 26th (I