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Getting in Shape ... Yaaaay!

My daily walks (sometimes two!) have been averaging around 4 miles up the mountain. Such an amazing way to start the day. Quiet time with "Our Father" .... settling down the troubles and letting Him direct me. I always leave before sunrise and watch the light flood through the forest as the seasons change. It's marvelous! Just installed an accurate altimeter and pedometer on my phone. Very fun. I climb 570 vertical feet and go up 2.3 miles before I circle back by a partially different pathway. Today I walked 10,646 steps which was 4.87 miles. I'll probably do 20,000 before the day is through. The super thing is that I'm not really trying ... or using discipline. I yearn for these times with Our Father. My weight is back to where it was about 20 or 25 years ago and I feel fantastic ... both physically and mentally. Thank you Lord. You are the Great Physician ... among so many other things for your children. Amen! You're getting us in shape to be the "hands and feet" of Christ!!!!!

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